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University of Ohio

Electrical engineering and computer science have come a long way since the light switch and the punch-card. In the modern information age, electrical engineering and computer science are a daily reality the world over. From the power system in your home to the anti-lock brake technology in your car, and from smartphones in your pocket or software on your tablet, these disciplines make the connections of the future.


Ohio State University

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering will impact the information age as a national leader in computing research and education. We will prepare computing graduates who are highly sought after, productive, and well-respected for their work, and who contribute to new developments in computing. We will give students in other disciplines an appropriate foundation in computing for their education, research, and experiences after graduation, consistent with computing's increasingly fundamental role in society. In our areas of research focus, we will contribute key ideas to the development of the computing basis of the information age, advancing the state of the art for the benefit of society, the State of Ohio, and The Ohio State University. We will work with key academic partners within and outside of OSU, and with key industrial partners, in pursuit of our research and educational endeavors.

Ohio State